YGOCN is an application dedicated for people came or are coming to China.

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YGOCN - Your new friend in China

It provides rich information about different perspectives of staying in China, like food, traveling, living, business, entertainment, etc. It aims to provide comprehensive local guide and convenient services you may need when visiting China.

Compiled Information

Thousands of great places in China

Y Translation

Brilliant online human translation service

Make China easier

Powerful tools just in you pocket.

Everything about China

Food, traveling, living, business, entertainment, etc.

Compiled Information

You may find thousands of places to go in our app, besides detailed introduction, we collected lots of lovely pictures to give you a direct impression. The information is well organized by categories and locations, for sure you may search the entire database easily by keywords.

Lovely Pictures

High resolution pictures, taken from the places by professionals.

Famous Cities

Now we have covered the cities of Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Xiamen, Xi'an, Sanya coming soon.

Y Translation

Our online translation service is named as Y translation, it provides you Uber style translation experiences, by making a call to a language master, you can get 1-on-1 translation service with a very good price.

Professional Translators

We have restricted translator qualification procedure, the translators have to pass the test conducted by our expert group before they can be online.

Ensured Quality

After each translation session, you may post your opinion about the quality of the service, the translator will not receive the payment without your agreement.

Make China easier

You may use our powerful tools like Taxi Card, navigation function and location based service. You may also find a digital metro map of each city, all the stations are marked in English.

Taxi Card

Once you've found a place you like, you may use the Taxi Card feature to show the address in Chinese to the taxi driver

Digital Metro Map

We prepared translated digital metro map for each city, it's consistent with the official information, and you may zoom in or out for a clear view on your phone.